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So, there are voices in my head and they all want out! :) I've decided to pass on their thoughts to you.

Kaylin from Influence has been banging hard on my brain, trying to get out. She doesn't like being stuck in limbo. She's about to get cra cra with her push ability and force me to finish her next adventure. I keep telling her I will get back to her life, but other voices keep taking over! I am about 50% through Awareness, book two in the Influence series. I have once again started chipping away at getting this book completed. Feel free to get on my case! It will be released this year!

Peter from NeverSea keeps making fun of me. He's such a punk! He's loving what I am writing about him now in Limitless, book two in the Echoes of the Lost series. I try to get him to shut up, but he won't be quiet until this book is done! We should have Limitless out in 3 months we hope!

Esa from Avatars Rising is sooo excited! She loves the awesome reviews her adventure is getting on Amazon. She is fighting for me to move up SILOS II in my writing schedule, but I keep telling her to be patient! My production schedule is cranking stories out faster than ever and her story will continue this year!

She likes being the new kid on my bookshelf and has decided to make me put Avatars Rising on sale for a few days to celebrate! Only $0.99 for a few more days!

Last, but not least. Arabella wants to say hi. Her adventure is being fleshed out now and should be ready for you in a few months as well. Stay tuned!

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