New World Anthology

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Ok- I just submitted my short story for the coming New Worlds anthology. The title is "A Moment in the End". It is an Influence prequel event! Stay tuned.

Prequel Short Story Completed

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Just finished a short story that is set 30 years before my Influence book 1. It will give you insights on how society was torn apart so long ago.

I will be giving this away to everyone on my email list. Join today!

Influence Prequel Novella

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Releasing Next Month

I'm super excited to get into how the Influencer push ability tore society apart 30 plus years ago. This new novella will follow a young girl named Leeyah, who plays a pretty big part in book 2 of the Influence series.

Teaser Cover Image:

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Writing and Publishing Update

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  • I am still muddling my way through book 2, Awareness, in my Influence series. I am making progress. The draft is getting close to being complete!
  • Announcement: I am co-authoring a new LitRPG, YA dystopian series with Harper North, the author of the Manipulated series. This is a wild and creative series! Super excited about it.



The Final Book in the Influence Series is in the Works!

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The final book in my Influence series is being written now!

Pre-order today!


Releasing on Kindle Vella!

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My next series will be the Affinity Chronicles!

Keep an eye out for this new series to be released first on Amazon's new Kindle Vella platform.