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Where will you stand at humanity's end?

The corporate abuse of youth with the special ability to manipulate reality is at its apex. A revolution to regain society has emerged and sixteen-year-old Leeyah is thrust in the middle of the war against the corporate controled police.

Will a growing ability put her life at risk?

Immerse yourself in the universe of the Influence series with this origin novella. Discover the beginning of the Influence phenomenon.

This origin novella plays an important part in book 2 of the Influence series.

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Daughters of Ayor Short Story

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Heads up! I have a sci-fi short story coming out in a new anthology that will release on May 8th. Here's the cover!


Writing and Publishing Update

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  • I am still muddling my way through book 2, Awareness, in my Influence series. I am making progress. The draft is getting close to being complete!
  • Announcement: I am co-authoring a new LitRPG, YA dystopian series with Harper North, the author of the Manipulated series. This is a wild and creative series! Super excited about it.



Avatars Rising (SILOS I) Cover Reveal

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I am excited to show everyone the new cover (and title) for a new series that I am co-authoring with Harper North.

Avatars Rising, SILOS I, is a YA, gamelit, sci-fi adventure. Stay posted for more details.

This book should be releasing early 2018.

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